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makers of fine

hardwood furniture, 

bespoke architecture

& interiors.

proudly born and nurtured in Madras since 2013

We use the highest grade of reclaimed Burma and Balharshah teak. While being visually stunning, *original teak wood (Tectona grandis) is probably its only kind that has winner characteristics owing to its integrity, grain density, visual grain structure and texture along with being one of the most durable against moisture and termites. 

Our furniture is integrated with other native species of wood such as Indian Laurel, known better as Karumaruthu in Tamil and Flowering Murdah also known as Pillamaruthu. Both these varieties of wood are known for their high grain density and strength while they also offer a distinct aesthetic in the way they are used in building our furniture. We also hold some rare and exquisite stock of rosewood which we use selectively in making bespoke pieces. 


* “Original” because the global scene is today flooded with millions of products with the misnomer of being made with teak, while the truth lies far from it. Many collectors and buyers and proven gullible for lack of knowledge to distinguish genuine teak from other wood species masquerading as teak. 




Every piece of furniture is handcrafted and put together using methods of hand carpentry passed down for several generations. The wood selection is a several stage process that begins with paint removal, straightening out of sections, grain matching and sizing. 


The wood is then put together using traditional joinery methods such as mortise and tenon along with other wooden joinery techniques. By understanding the unique properties of each type of wood, they are used to get just the right size of sections without looking too heavy or flimsy.


We integrate materials like brass, glass and marble for the purpose of structure, aesthetics and sometimes both. In all these stages, it is the human eye and hand at work to ensure each piece is as unique as the wood, the craftsman who made it and the keeper for whom it is made for.  




The process of finishing starts early in the work process, alongside carpentry, while the wood pieces are still components before being adhered together. Every piece of wood undergoes three to four rounds of hand sanding before being sealed as a preparation for the finishing coat. 


Our finishes have the perfect amount of sheen, with neither too much gloss nor matte, so the natural grains of the wood can be experienced and enjoyed and this is achieved by an even application of a highly resilient PU coat. The PU and sealer coats ensure that the furniture remains as good as new for several years with minimum maintenance. 




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